April/Nissan "kol dichfin yeitei vayechol" Let All Who Are Hungry Come and Eat

#jewishtextart Challenge!

I am excited and proud to introduce Books and Blintzes’ newest project – the #jewishtextart challenge!

Every month I will post a Jewish quote, text, or idea and invite everyone to share art that is either inspired by or makes you think about that month’s text.

The text will be posted here on the website, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (where you already follow us, right?).


A few simple rules:

1. Please share your Jewish art inspirations using the hashtags #jewishtextart and #booksandblintzes.

2. Please provide appropriate attribution. Do not share the work of others without their permission or without giving them credit.

3. Please share your own work too! Show us what inspires you!

Please protect your ideas. We do not assume liability for any copyright infringement

4. Please be aware that at its discretion, Books and Blintzes may block images and comments that are considered incompatible with its mission and values.

5. All media are welcome!

Time to have fun and be creative…

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