June/Sivan "Ki Asher Telchi Eilech" Where You Go I Will Go

Following Ruth To Her Future

We were moved to share this paper cut because of how it showcases the impact of Ruth’s declaration to Naomi. In the moment that Ruth made her decision to stay by her mother-in-law’s side, she also chooses a new path that will lead her to a different future. We saw reflected in the lush colors a sense of hope that in Ruth’s famous words.

Matriarch Ruth
by Illinois based visual artist Leah Sosewitz

From the artist:

“The artwork was created with a paper cutting of the name Ruth and the image of the barley Ruth gleaned with her fellow reapers. Within the tav of the hebrew name Ruth, is a smaller painted illustration of Ruth collecting the sheaves of barley. Done for the holiday of Shavuot, the tablets with the 10 commandments are also included in the design. Behind the cutting is hand painted paper done in the colors of the earth, green, gold and blue.”

~ Leah Sosewitz

Find out more about Leah Sosewitz’s work at www.judaicartstudio.com

Thank you to Leah Sosewitz for allowing BooksandBlintzes to use this image. The artist maintains all rights over this image and it may not be copied, shared, distributed, etc. without her express permission.

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