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“Make your books your companions, let your cases and shelves be your pleasure grounds and gardens. Bask in their paradise, gather their fruit, pluck their roses, take their spices and myrrh. If your soul satiate and weary, change from garden to garden, from furrow to furrow, from prospect to prospect. Then will your desire renew itself and your soul be filled with delight.”

 ~ Samuel Ibn Tibbon

Welcome to Books and Blintzes, where I showcase inspiring Jewish writing, drool over delicious Jewish cuisine, and celebrate innovative Jewish fine arts. Join the conversation as I explore the diversity and creativity of contemporary Jewish learning and living.

Whether you love to read, write, cook, eat, sew, quilt, paint, sketch, sculpt, dance, mime, sing, act, play a musical instrument… or just appreciate it when other people do any of these things well… come join our community and share your voice here!

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