Elul - Avinu Malkeinu

Jamie Shear – Loving Kindness

loving kindness shear

Jamie Shear’s giclee print “Loving Kindness” is a striking example of how the idea of chesed inspires art and action. The image includes select biblical texts that call for and celebrate kindness. Just as chesed is at the center of this image and texts, so too is it central to the High Holiday liturgy and Avinu Malkeinu.

To read more about Jamie Shear’s art and this image, please visit http://www.ktavtam.com/products/loving_kindness

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Elul - Avinu Malkeinu

The Shape of Avinu Malkeinu – Marlene Burns

marleneburns©2017. All rights reserved

I discovered this beautiful painting by Arizona-based artist Marlene Burns and was immediately drawn in by the vibrant colors and sense of fluidity. When I saw that its title was “Avninu Malkeinu‘, I knew there was even more to the story.  Thank you to Marlene Burns for sharing, in your own words, the inspiration and special meaning for this painting.

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Elul - Avinu Malkeinu, Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries

Elul – Humility and Grace

The beginning of the Hebrew month of Elul signals the beginning of the Jewish people’s preparation for the High Holy Days. Special prayers are added to the daily service, including the “Avinu Malkeinu”. In this prayer we ask God to watch over us in the coming year, and it culminates in our plea for justice, righteousness and deliverance. We become humble before God and pray for grace.

This month’s Jewish Text Art Challenge will feature art in a variety of media inspired by the Avinu Malkeinu prayer. If you have work that you would like to share, please fill out the contact form on the main Jewish Text Art Galleries page https://booksandblintzes.com/home/jtac/.