Jerusalem Biennale For Contemporary Jewish Art 2017

From their website:

“The 3rd Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art, which will showcase the work of nearly 200 professional artists, Israeli and international, in dozens of exhibitions and installations in the capital, will take place from October 1 through November 16.  The Jerusalem Biennale, which explores the places where contemporary art meets the Jewish world of content, will this year take as its theme Watershed.”

April/Nissan "kol dichfin yeitei vayechol" Let All Who Are Hungry Come and Eat

#Jewish Text Art Challenge – Clarity and Complexity

I chose this style from Notegraphy because it is both stark and messy. There’s a struggle for clarity, a sort of Absolute Jerusalem, that can’t overcome the complexities of the shadows.

What images does this text evoke for you?