Elul - Shma Koleinu, Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries

Shema Koleinu – Debbie Friedman

An a-cappella choral arrangement for Debbie Friedman’s composition of Shomea Tefillah blessing. Featuring the cantorial soloists: ***Amelia Lavranchuk (sop.), ***Harriet Dunkerley ( Mezz.), ***Leah Shafritz (mezz.), ***Sarah Grabiner (alt.). ARRANGED AND CONDUCTED BY : BOAZ DOROT (2015)

Elul - Shma Koleinu, Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries

Shma Koleinu – Hear Our Voice

Sometimes the simplest words are the ones that are the hardest to say. Our basic need to be heard, whether it is by loved ones, our community, or God, resonates strongly throughout the high holiday season, and that is why we selected it to be our text for this month’s Jewish Text Art Challenge.

Throughout the month of Elul we will be preparing to speak our truths on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. This emphasis on authentic self-expression is one of the fundamental principles of BooksAndBlintzes. We hope that throughout the month, the art that we share representing “Shma Koleinu”, will inspire you to find and create work that helps your voice to be heard, and your prayers answered.

Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries

“We Will Do”

1972 Torah Fund Pin In 1972, the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism issued this brooch as part of its annual Torah Fund fundraising campaign. The design features the word “na’aseh” overlaid on the ten commandments, representing the organization’s dedication to nurturing the development of Conservative Jewish practice and education. Thousands of Jewish women across North American proudly wore this visual representation of this month’s Jewish text art challenge verse, and its inspirational call to action.

Iyar - "V'Ahavta L'Reiacha Kamocha" ואהבת לרעך כמוך, Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries

Drop By Drop

drop by drop

The Jewish Text Art Challenge text – “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” is just one way to introduce children to Rabbi Akiva’s life and teaching. Jacqueline Jules’ book Drop by Drop is another opportunity for the whole family to learn together about the important leader and what he represents in our tradition. And Yevgenia Nayberg’s illustrations will help the text come alive to the smallest readers.

Iyar - "V'Ahavta L'Reiacha Kamocha" ואהבת לרעך כמוך, Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries, Words of Wisdom

Love is Essential

Just as deceptively simple as true, this image shows highlights the clarity of Rabbi Akiva’s message.

Love is Essential.png

Books and Blintzes created this image using Notegraphy to represent this month’s #JTAC Jewish Text Art Challenge text.

Adar - la'yhudim hayta orah v'simcha, Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries

Dancing for Joy – Ellen Miller Braun

Artist Ellen Miller Braun’s beautiful micrography, will have anyone ready to celebrate! This piece “Dancing for Joy” features the verse from the Book of Esther that is this month’s Jewish Text Art Challenge. Let yourself be swept up in the silliness and pure joy of this holiday.

Chag Purim Sameach!

A Happy Purim to All!

To find out more about Ellen Miller Braun’s art, please visit www.ellenmillerbraun.com.

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