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Lamentations 3:25 – Jewish Text Art Challenge Av 5778

#Eichah 3:25The Jewish Text Art Challenge verse for the Hebrew month of Av comes from the book of Lamentations (Eichah). The 9th day of the month was traditionally set aside as a fast day to commemorate the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. Over time, the day itself, and the weeks leading up to it, has become a period of mourning, during which the community reflects and remembers times of persecution.

Eichah includes a great deal of suffering, describing in graphic detail, some of the awful punishments afflicting the Jewish people at the time of the ancient expulsion. The verse for the challenge comes at the exact halfway mark of the book, and is one of a very few mentions of goodness. It also reflects the strength of the relationship between God and the Jewish people. At one of the darkest moments of the nation’s history, there is still opportunity to connect with the Divine.


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Mah Tov – Asot Mishpat

Does anyone recognize the “Mah Tov – Asot Mishpat” workbook from 1970? The UAHC publication by Abraham and Adaia Shumsky encourages students to think about how to contribute to a better, more just world. BooksandBlintzes chose to share the book’s cover image as a showcase for asot mishpat, highlighting this action as an ongoing effort of nurturing growth, and its impact on other living things.Asot Mishpat Book Cover

Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries, Tammuz - Hagid Lecha Adam הגיד לך אדם

Micah 6:8 – Jewish Text Art Challenge Tammuz 5778

Micah 6:8 Tammuz CoverThis month’s #JewishTextArtChallenge is inspired by the words of the prophet Micah. Read as the haftara accompanying the Torah portion Balak, the prophet’s message gives the people a concise prescription for following God:




We look forward to featuring works that represent these ideals from our tradition, and the works of those who are inspired from these words.


Iyar - "V'Ahavta L'Reiacha Kamocha" ואהבת לרעך כמוך, Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries

The Original Human Right

Israel Stamp from 1958 In 1958, the State of Israel issued this stamp to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

It showcases this month’s Jewish Text Art Challenge Text, marking its Biblical origins, and the multiple languages indicating the principle’s universal message.

For more information about this stamp and others in this series, please visit http://israelphilately.org.il/en/catalog/stamps/494/HUMAN%20RIGHTS

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The Jewish Background Check

“When Israel went forth from Egypt…”

Essential words in the background story of the Jewish people. Our art gives this story new life every day. How will you be inspired to bring it front and center in this new month of Nissan?


Adar - la'yhudim hayta orah v'simcha, Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries

Adar – Jewish Text Art Challenge

Chodesh tov! Welcoming the Jewish month of Adar is our first step in celebrating the holiday of Purim. As part of the general festivities, this month’s verse for the Jewish Text Art Challenge comes from the Book of Esther.

לַיְּהוּדִים, הָיְתָה אוֹרָה וְשִׂמְחָה, וְשָׂשֹׂן, וִיקָר.

The Jews had light and gladness, and joy and honor. (Esther 8:16)

In the coming weeks, we are looking forward to being inspired by these words and how they have fueled our creativity. How do we present these ideas of light, gladness, joy, and honor in our art?

We hope you will join the conversation and tell us how our selections move you, as well as sharing how you have shown these words in your own pieces. To submit your art for this month’s Jewish Text Art Challenge gallery please go to the main gallery page at https://booksandblintzes.com/home/jtac.