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Mah Tov – Asot Mishpat

Does anyone recognize the “Mah Tov – Asot Mishpat” workbook from 1970? The UAHC publication by Abraham and Adaia Shumsky encourages students to think about how to contribute to a better, more just world. BooksandBlintzes chose to share the book’s cover image as a showcase for asot mishpat, highlighting this action as an ongoing effort of nurturing growth, and its impact on other living things.Asot Mishpat Book Cover

Elul - Avinu Malkeinu, Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries

Elul – Humility and Grace

The beginning of the Hebrew month of Elul signals the beginning of the Jewish people’s preparation for the High Holy Days. Special prayers are added to the daily service, including the “Avinu Malkeinu”. In this prayer we ask God to watch over us in the coming year, and it culminates in our plea for justice, righteousness and deliverance. We become humble before God and pray for grace.

This month’s Jewish Text Art Challenge will feature art in a variety of media inspired by the Avinu Malkeinu prayer. If you have work that you would like to share, please fill out the contact form on the main Jewish Text Art Galleries page