Tishrei/Cheshvan - "Bein Ha'Or U'vein HaChoshech"

Dividing Light and Darkness

God Divided the Light From the Darkness With the high holidays behind us, Books and Blintzes is looking forward to the new Jewish year, full of creative inspiration and meaningful connections.

The Jewish Text Art Challenge, our monthly showcase for Jewish art related to a particular verse from our tradition, is a centerpiece of our mission. We’re here to share Jewish art from around the world, to build a community to discover and celebrate these works, and to develop new and stronger links with our heritage.

We selected Genesis 1:4 (ברשית א:ד) as the verse to start off this year, as a way of highlighting our commitment to the creative process. Division, separation, categorization, making choices… these are all things that we do every day. But we hope that they push us forward, whether it is to complete a task, allow us to spend our resources (especially our time!) more judiciously, or see our vision come to life in our art.

As the month goes by, Books and Blintzes hopes that you will join the conversation about this verse. Show us your work. Tell us what these words mean to you. Reach out to artists whose work speaks to you. We can’t wait to see what this month will bring!

To contribute to this month’s Jewish Text Art gallery, please complete the contact form on the main Jewish Text Art Challenge page at https://booksandblintzes.com/home/jtac/