June/Sivan "Ki Asher Telchi Eilech" Where You Go I Will Go

Ruth and Naomi – Starting Over


As the two women made direct eye contact in this vibrantly colored piece, Ruth’s words are underlined as a declaration for starting over, establishing a new understanding of what their life together could become.

“Ruth and Naomi – Shavuot” by textile artist Carol Racklin-Siegel. Dyes on silk, created in 2003.

To see more of Ms. Racklin-Siegel’s work, please see her website at http://www.pomegranatestudios.com.

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June/Sivan "Ki Asher Telchi Eilech" Where You Go I Will Go

Contrast of Broken Hearts

“Orpa Leaving Naomi” Oil Painting by Abraham Yakin, Israel.

In this striking oil painting by Israeli artist Abraham Yakin, we see the contrast in the behavior of Naomi’s two daughters-in-law. Orpa, in the background, leaves alone. In the foreground, Ruth remains with Naomi. Imagining Ruth declaring her intention to stay by Naomi’s side, we see a contrast of the broken-hearted; Ruth is able to reach out to another, while Orpa is completely isolated in her grief.

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