Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries, July/Tammuz "Ma Tovu Ohalecha Ya'acov" How Goodly Are Your Tents O Jacob

Ma Tovu – A First Look At The Text


At the beginning of each month I like to drop the Jewish Text Art Challenge verse into and see how the different styles make the words pop for me. With this month’s selection, “Ma Tovu – How Goodly Are Your Tents” from the Book of Numbers 24:5, this geometric and colorful style really made them explode off the screen. I love the idea of looking down at the Israelite’s camp and seeing the diversity of the tents. There’s texture and color in the triangles but a unity in the diamond as a whole. For me this text is all about perspective, and what you will see when encountering something new.

It’s a first look at Ma Tovu – I can’t wait to share more! Join the conversation and tell us your impression. What does this text mean to you? Sing it, paint it, dance it, make it yours! Happy creating time!