Dance, Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries, Nissan ~ "B'tzeit Yisrael" בצאת ישראל

Freedom With Dance

Watch Avi Levy, Israeli Dance Choreographer as he teaches and then performs his circle dance to B’Tzeit Yisrael, this month’s Jewish Text Art Challenge selection.

Music by David D’Or and Tomer Hadadi.

Dance Instruction: 0:00-2:30

Performance: 2:31-end

Jewish Text Art Challenge Galleries, Nissan ~ "B'tzeit Yisrael" בצאת ישראל

The Jewish Background Check

“When Israel went forth from Egypt…”

Essential words in the background story of the Jewish people. Our art gives this story new life every day. How will you be inspired to bring it front and center in this new month of Nissan?


April/Nissan "kol dichfin yeitei vayechol" Let All Who Are Hungry Come and Eat

Nissan/April Jewish Text Art Challenge

How does this text inspire you? Share your thoughts and ideas on this selection from the Passover Haggadah – how does it feed your creative soul?

A few simple guidelines:

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2. Please provide appropriate attribution. Do not share the work of others without their permission or without giving them credit.

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5. All media are welcome!

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